Product description

Crofters’s flagship ecosystem, is an intergrated aquagardening system which helps you with fresh food farmed in the convenience of your very living room.

Crofters Ecosystem incorporates Aquaponics at the heart of its technology, thereby bringing the best of both Aquaculture and Hydroponics.

If you would like to furnish your living room with an aquarium and a mini-garden in less than a shoe-rack’s space, if you are a gardening hobbyist living in a crowded metro with no balconies and backyards are still a dream, if you are keen to shift to a healthy, chemical-free vegetarian diet, then it is certainly time for you to get the Crofters Ecosystem home.

Product highlights

  • Self-Cleaning 20 Gallon Aquarium
  • Dual Growbeds for maximized growth area
  • Optimized LED grow lights for maximum efficiency
  • Wi-Fi connected system for complete automation even when you are on a vacation
  • Smart Phone application to monitor and control the system remotely
  • A 330 square inch main Growbed with 7-inch root zone
  • No more water changes like conventional aquarium

The Key


Intelligent Garden

The Ecosystem is connected to the internet providing valuable data to our servers which help provide tips to get a better produce.


You'll only have to feed the fish and the rest is taken care of by our system. The Lights, pumps, filters everything just works like magic.

Care and Cleaning

You don't have to clean the aquarium like conventional aquariums. Bacteria aid in breakdown of organic material that will be used by the plants.

Awards and Recognition

Perfect for Urban households

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