Our story

In a fast paced world, we have gotten into a web of trying to balance

work, and life away from it. With priorities to manage, we have taken

focus away from quality of food and self-driven healthy lifestyles.

We at Crofters saw this as an opportunity to turn things around and

bring the world back to what it used to be. Of course, we are not

world changers but are trying to do our bit by starting small. Starting

at home. We are a team of highly exuberant and motivated

individuals who want to provide innovative organic solutions to the

food industry. We are a group of gardeners, food lovers and

engineers determined to build a healthy society where people can

grow their own organic food devoid of any pesticides and


In line with our vision, the flagship product Crofters Ecosystem

enables users to grow their own food inside the comfortable milieu of

their homes. Based on the concept of Aquaponics, The Crofters

Ecosystem is the amalgamation of an aquarium – that people just

love to look at, and a plant bed where users can grow their food. This

is a complete ecosystem and elucidates our core value of providing

sustainable solutions.

‘Innovation through technology’ is our objective .We believe that

adapting and harnessing the power of technology to solve the

society’s pressing problems is a great way to move forward when

nature presents challenges due to our mistakes in the past.

With increasing number of environmental issues, creating

sustainable solutions is the need of the hour. ‘Driving Sustainable

Change’ is our mantra. We want to ensure that every product of ours

impacts the lifestyle of our customers and that our solutions

do not leave any trace on the environment. What we want to leave

behind is a legacy.

Crafting Tomorrow